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Please read over before and after your appointment if you have any questions on how to prepare for your appointment as well as care for your tattoo. If you have any questions please reach out to me directly.

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Before Appointment

Days before your appointment: please avoid the sun for the week before your appointment. I won’t be able to tattoo over a sunburn, you wouldn’t want me to anyways (ouch!) 

I recommend drinking lots of water and to avoid drinking alcohol.


Please try your best to get a good nights rest. 
For the morning of your appointment, again drink lots of water, as well as eat a good meal before you arrive. I recommend bringing a drink as well as your favorite snacks with you to your appointment. I provide water as well as various snacks just incase you forget!

The First day

The 3 S’s to avoid: 
The Sun 
Scented soaps and lotions 
Soaking aka bath tubs, hot tubs, pools, beach etc. 
if we used Saran Wrap please remove when you get home, if we used second skin wrap, leave on for 1-5 days. It is up to you when you decide to remove the wrap. If it starts to LEAK please remove IMMEDIATELY as the seal is broken and bacteria could get underneath it. 
While the second skin wrap is on, it will fill with ink and plasma, it will look like a black blob, this is NORMAL, and helps with healing. Don’t worry!

Healing Process

For moisturizing your fresh tattoo I recommend Mad rabbit repair gel or Aquaphor

Once you remove your seran wrap, or the second skin wrap, please resume normal after care procedure. Clean well with warm water and non scented soap, and apply a small amount of moisturizer to your tattoo. You don’t want to smother the tattoo in moisturizer. 

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